This is my final “pizza box painting,” and I’m so sad this one is on a pizza box and not on a canvas. I want to hang him on my wall. (My husband calls him “creepy,” but one man’s creepy is another woman’s adorable, right?)

I’ve decided I’m going to save up to upgrade my paints from student paints to professional quality paints once I use up what I have. When I finally make the upgrade, I plan to repaint this little guy on a canvas.

Feel free to cast your vote in the comments about whether you think he’s creepy or cute.


Tutorial Source: Cinnamon Cooney (The Art Sherpa)

Why I Chose This Painting:

It’s a mushroom with feet and eyes! There’s a large part of me that loves the whimsical and that loves fantasy. This little guy appealed to that part of me and made me think about The Smurfs.

Plus, I found it funny to paint a mushroom given that I’m allergic to mushrooms. (The paint color on our living room walls is also called creamy mushroom, which gave my mom and I a good giggle at the time we picked it out.)

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