This is the third painting in my “pizza box series.”

In this painting, I learned how challenging blending can be. Oil paints stay wet a long time, but acrylic paint dries fast, so part of what I’ll need to practice is working a little faster and mastering the right pressure at the seam between the colors. (I know there are also slow-dry blending mediums. I might try one of those as well.)


Tutorial Source: Cinnamon Cooney (The Art Sherpa)

Why I Chose This Painting:

A lotus plant can survive for hundreds of years, and their seeds can still germinate after a long hibernation. They bloom even when the water around them is dark and dirty.

They’re a reminder to me of the value of determination and resilience. When things in my life are going wrong, the belief that I can survive them and grow stronger from them helps me stay positive and keep from giving up. We can find beauty even in the darkest times.

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